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TRXAdLine is capitalizing on the TRX ( TRON ) Token. We only accept the TRON token for payment and payouts at TRXAdLine. When you get started for free today, you will receive your free positions and free advertising just for joining and confirming your email in your 2x20 Matrix. Feel free to upgrade into any of our daily subscription model that cost only 400 TRX.

The 2x20 is a personally forced matrix system. Your first position, which is free when you signup today, will follow your sponsor on the initial entry. Each entry from your daily subscription fill follow your first position. This helps both you and your downline fill your 2x20 matrix faster. Referrals can earn 0.06 Tron for each subcription they sell per day to their downline members.

The Flex Line is divided into to equal parts. The first part is a "first in first out" Straight Line. The second part is the Revenue Share which is a daily login bonus that is split with all members who have an active position from the flex line. For example if you decide to put in 50 TRX into the Flex Line, it will be split in half. This means 25 TRX will go into the Straight Line portion and when it gets to the top of the line it will mature at 150% or 37.5 Tron. The other 25 TRX goes into the Revenue Share pool. This pool will payout 2% daily of all TRX in that pool to members who login each day and have an active Revenue Share. Once you earn 150% in the Revenue Share, it will mature and expire. You will receive 1 text and banner credit per TRX you put into the Flex Line.

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If you are one of the first 10,000 Members, you can join and get a Free 2x20 Matrix. Simply enter your email address on the next page, login and start promoting! If you are coming in with an ID after 10k, it will cost 400 TRON for a subscription that will get you into all 3 pay plans.

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Compensation Plan

Trxadline 400trx subscription will give you position in
A 2x20 matrix, and Flexline, Flexline give you poisition in Straightline and Revenueshare.

Receive a new position in the 2x20 matrix each day under your top position when you purchase a subscription.

2x20 Regular Forced Matrix

All Commissions are subject to 10% Repurchase Rule.

Level Positions Pay Per Level Total Pay Total Match

Each day 1 TRX of the daily sub will be put into the Flex Line. When a position goes into the Flex Line, 50% is put into the Straight Line and 50% is put into the Revenue Share.

Your daily sub position of 0.50 will cycle out of the straightline after getting to the top and earning 150%. You may purchase additional straight line shares up to 100 TRX per position. All straightlines will not earn more than 150%. All purchases will be split and half will go into the Revenue Share.

All Revenue Share positions come from half of the share purchased in the flex line. For example, if you put in 100 TRX into the Flex line, you will get a 50 TRX share in the revenue share. You must log in each day to receive your daily share of TRX from the revenue share pool. Each share will mature at 150%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get by purchasing at TRXAdLine?

    You receive advertising credits that can be used to advertise via Text and Banners ads for the daily matrix purchase. You will receive text, banner and login ad credits for every 1 Tron you put into the flex line. For example if you put 50 Tron into the Flex Line you will receive 50 text, 50 banner and 50 login ad credits.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept payments and pay instant commissions via TRX (Tron).

  • Are payments instant?

    Yes, any withdrawal you create manually or any instant commission balance over 1000 TRX is automatically processed without the need of an admin. We have limited all manual withdrawals to be 100 TRX or above to help lower fees and any potential fraudulent activities.

  • What is the Repurchase Rule?

    All commission for all plans will be subjected to a 10% repurchase rule. This means all comissions will have 10% of the earnings put into the subscription wallet. This will help prolong your subscription(s).

  • Are the 150% flex line commissions guaranteed?

    No, we cannot guarantee earnings an any of the plans. If you purchase into the flex line, you will receive tron everyday that you login. The Straight Line will cycle out in order as it was placed in the line.

  • Is there a fee associated with my instant withdrawals?

    All processor and tx fees are paid by the recipient. So if you request an instant withdrawal of 100 TRX, you will get paid around 99.8 TRX because of processor fees and tx fees.

  • What are the automatic payout amounts?

    The minimum manual withdrawal is 100 TRX and you must have at least 1 subscription purchased. Instant commission payments are automated and instant as soon as you earn 1000 TRX.

  • How do the Free Positions work?

    TRXAdLines is giving away a free matrix position for every member who signs up and verifies his/her email. Our goal is to continue to give away Level 1 positions to the first 10k members. Please note you must have an active subscription to withdraw.

  • How does the compensation plan work?

    The comp plan is comprised of 3 plans built into 1 subscription. When you purchase a subscription for 400 trx, you will receive 1 new matrix everyday under your top position. You also will receive 1 position in the straight line worth 0.50 trx and one position into the login revenue share worth 0.50 trx. Both of these shares will expire after they earn 150% in earnings. Once you purchase a position, you can purchase additional shares in the flex line. Purchasing in the flex line will split all purchases in half. Half will go into the straight line and half will go into the login revenue share.

  • Can a member have more than 1 account?

    , No, a member should not need more than 1 account. This is to prevent fraudulent activity due to the free positions being given away. You can purchase additional positions within your members area if you need more advertising or positions.

  • Does TRXAdLine offer refunds?

    No, there are no refunds for any reason. Please make sure to read all the details about the product(s), compensation plan, TOS, Privacy Policy, etc. before making a decision to purchase.